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Released on Sep 2019
The shorty song "Horizon" is an energetic musical whirlwind that creates a haunting atmosphere in just under a minute. It begins with rousing drums and graceful pads that build up a certain tension. In the background, a pulsating techno bass provides a driving force. Suddenly, the track unfolds in full splendor as a saxophone and violin enter. These two instruments add an explosive and powerful component that takes the song to a new level. The saxophone lends the piece a sensual yet captivating melody, while the violin adds an emotional intensity with its virtuosity and passion.

Genre Shorty

The "shorty" genre embodies a fascinating category of musical brevity that knows how to create a haunting effect in just a few moments.

More genres

An instrumental song focuses on the musicality and melody of the instruments. It can be a mixture of different instruments that create a harmonic and rhythmic soundscape that can evoke emotions and tell stories.
The violin is a string instrument that has been used in many different musical genres for centuries. It is an important instrument in classical music, but also in folk music, jazz and rock music. It can produce a wide range of sounds, from soft and lyrical tones to powerful and energetic sounds. The violin is often used as a solo instrument, but also in chamber music ensembles or orchestras.
The "orchestra" genre is a modern interpretation of classical music in which an entire orchestra plays the central role. The music is performed by a large ensemble of instruments, such as strings, winds, woodwinds, percussion and more. In terms of content, the orchestral genre can take up various themes and moods. It can musically depict epic adventures and heroic journeys, tell romantic and dreamy stories or create dark and dramatic atmospheres.
The drums lend the piece a powerful and pulsating energy. It sets accents, supports the rhythm and contributes to the overall dynamics of the music.
The "saxophone" genre includes instrumental pieces in which the saxophone plays the leading role, as well as combinations with other instruments such as guitar, piano or drums. With its impressive range and ability to produce both melodic and expressive phrasing, the saxophone can convey a wide range of emotions and moods. Whether soft and delicate melodies or passionate and energetic solos, the saxophone fascinates listeners with its versatility and expressiveness.


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