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Released on Mar 2013
This instrumental classical piece radiates timeless elegance and sophistication. The composition is characterized by melodic beauty, with supple and expressive phrasing. The musical journey begins gently and gradually builds to a powerful climax. The dynamic contrasts create emotional tension and make for a thrilling listening experience.

Genre Orchestra

The "orchestra" genre is a modern interpretation of classical music in which an entire orchestra plays the central role. The music is performed by a large ensemble of instruments, such as strings, winds, woodwinds, percussion and more. In terms of content, the orchestral genre can take up various themes and moods. It can musically depict epic adventures and heroic journeys, tell romantic and dreamy stories or create dark and dramatic atmospheres.

More genres

The piano is a versatile instrument that is used in many different musical genres, from classical music and jazz to pop and rock. The piano produces sound by striking strings with hammers that are triggered by the keys. It can produce a wide range of sounds, from soft and lyrical tones to powerful and energetic sounds.
The violin is a string instrument that has been used in many different musical genres for centuries. It is an important instrument in classical music, but also in folk music, jazz and rock music. It can produce a wide range of sounds, from soft and lyrical tones to powerful and energetic sounds. The violin is often used as a solo instrument, but also in chamber music ensembles or orchestras.
The "choir" genre stands for the powerful and harmonious combination of voices to create a unique body of sound. The skillful fusion of different vocal registers creates an impressive variety of sounds that captivates the listener. Whether in classical music, sacred compositions, pop or world music
The flute genre celebrates the enchanting and versatile sound of the flute as a central element in music. Its versatile nature allows it to blend seamlessly with different musical styles, creating a captivating fusion of melodies and harmonies. From hauntingly beautiful solo pieces to vibrant ensemble performances, the flute genre showcases the virtuosity and emotional range of this timeless instrument.
Orchestral Percussion
This genre focuses on percussive instruments, including classical drums such as the timpani, bass drum, snare drum and many others. Through skillful composition and arrangements, these instruments are woven into gripping beats and pulsating rhythms that captivate the listener.


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